My grade isn’t back to 3

Hello last friday 01.12.17 I got 4 speed violations for over speeding in the dash and I went back today and saw I was still in grade 2 I got ghosted between 11:00 14:00CET time
My device
iPad 2017 32gb

Hi there! Please have a look below. Your Grade Table will show you the breakdown in days as well. If your violations remain after the 7 day time period then do a quick flight on the Casual Server and then a few minutes later your Grade should change as long as you don’t acquire anymore violations.


Are you saying you got ghosted today? If so, you should be @ Grade 2.


EHHH no I said I got for speed violations on Friday the 1dec

When did this occur then?

No, you said you got violations and you also said you received a ghosting.
Ghosting and violations are not the same thing.

Sometimes the grades get stuck, and is usually solved by just doing a quick flight on casual as @Levet mentioned. You need to accumulate some XP for it to be restored.
Please try that, and get back to us with the results.


Gå til casual, fly i noen minutter, og deretter se om du får klasse 3.

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Did it work? Fungerte det? Gi oss beskjed hvis det gjorde.

The required 7 days just passed. I’d suggest waiting an extra day and if doesn’t come back then contact one the mods.

I told him to fly in casual for a few minutes. That typically fixes it

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