My grade dropped after violations

I was climbing to 28000 feet
But then i was overspeeding
And i got a messege reduse throttle or you will get a violation
I was about to slow down but then i got kicked from the game and when i came back i was in grade 2
i hope someone can help me

You didn’t get banned but downgraded. Make sure to watch your speed next time so it doesn’t happen.

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Don’t worry all that happened was you got ghosted and you will be back to the next grade in 7 days.

Can you send a screenshot of your grade table? Most likely what happened isn’t said above

You have to keep an eye out on the speed while climbing.

When climbing, the IAS(indicated air speed) reduces and switches to Mach speed eventually (at 28000 feet). If u were flying at too fast IAS which could be still ok, ur Mach speed was yet too high. I recommend not going any more than 300kts IAS ever. This ensures u that the Mach speed is never going to exceed the speed limits

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