My Grade 5 Journey | My best photos

My Best Infinite Flight Photos 

Well, after a lot of time, I got to grade 5. And I’m so happy about it! I decided to make an album of all of my favourite Infinite Flight photos in one thread! These photos were all taken in various flights, so I have tried my best to add in as much info as needed.

Enjoy my friends!

  1. Air Canada A321 Moonshot at CYYZ
    Route: Montreal to Toronto

  1. Lufthansa A340 Moonshot at EGLL
    Route: Frankfurt to London Heathrow

  2. Parralel landing in WSSS
    Route: Penang to Singapore

  3. Qatar Airways A380 in space
    Route: Doha to International Space Station

  4. BA B787-9 escorted by @emil (Not sure which one)
    Route: London Heathrow to Chengdu

  5. China Southern B787 turning final to Singapore
    Route: (can’t remember)

  6. Me escorting @Armani_B
    Route: Unknown

  7. Swarm of planes at Auckland event
    Route: Auckland to Taipei

  8. Latam B787 flying over the Peruvian mountains
    Route: Los Angeles to Santiago

  9. Me escorting my friend
    Route: Oslo to Copenhagen

Well, those are my personal favourite photos! I’ve been taking photos for over a year and a half, so I’m looking forward to improving my photography skills and bring you some much more cooler photos.
I hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think!

See you in the skies everyone!

What picture do you like the most?

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Congrats on G5! I love the A380 shot!


Haha! I love it too! Thanks a lot mate!

Great photos! How do people get moonshots? When I fly at night the moon is always tiny!

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Awesome shots mate, keep it up.

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There is a specific way of doing it. Here’s a tutorial ;)


Thank you!

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Great shots! Congrats on grade 5! Welcome to the club! 😉

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Anytime! Looking forward to seeing your moonshots ;)

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Thanks mate!

When I got G5, I was like: What now? lol

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Thanks mate! Much appreciated!

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You’re welcome mate


One thing… Picture 6 is not China Eastern, China southern

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My bad, just changed it, thanks for the correction!

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I have added in poll everybody. Make sure to vote! :)

All good;) see you a lot when I controlling! Congrats!

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Yeah! Saw you earlier at RCTP I think just as I parked.

See you around!

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Congrats on Grade 5 👏 No 9 is my favourite, love the scenery in that one

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Yeah, I love that too! Thanks a lot mate!

So how was the international space station 😆

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