My Grade 4 Flight

I am proud to announce that after my flight today, I have become grade 4! This is important to me so I’d like to share some pictures. But unfortunately, this will be my last topic for a little bit.

Cruise: FL 280
Mach: 0.78
Callsign: SWVA706
Aircraft: B737 Southwest - Canyon Blue
Server: expert

Parked at KLAS

Woah! A parallel takeoff! Bet you don’t see those everyday :)

Rotatè, with that absolutely gorgeous Alaskan Airlines livery in the background

Descending over the Salton Sea

Had to go around since aircraft entered wrong runway, I announced I was on final multiple times as well, but it’s fun to have a go around every once and a while :)

My 2nd smoothest landing ever! It was -60 FPM if I believe
(So was it greased or buttered?)

Parked at gate

Hope y’all enjoyed! Glad to be grade 4 (although it probs won’t last long) but at least I have it now!


Congratulations! It is really a wonderful achievement I’m working on getting there might get there soon though

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Congrats, great pictures! Thanks for sharing, I am looking froward to see you on the forum again soon!

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Thank you! Just enjoy the sim, and one day you will just get it!
Not even joking, that’s what happened to me. I just check the replay and see my name is green 😂

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Hahah thanks! Unfortunately I am super busy at the moment so I won’t be as present on IF or the IFC

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Thanks I just really enjoy flying pattern😉

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Same with me, I went from Grade 4 to just 40 landings in the past 90 days…

Still real life is where the (main) fun happens, so being busy there isn’t too bad!

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Congrats 🥳 I know how you feel , by the way you’re photos are awesome I love San Diego 😁

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Thanks for the feedback! I also like San Diego

Congrats man!

I know to a lot of already grade 4’s and 5’s here it’s literally another ‘unnecessary’ topic, sometimes it’s true, but I remember my flight to grade 4. It was also my only flight in a Citation.

Just seeing your flight stats jump up to grade 4 is cool, but having your name green in replay, makes you feel a lot more respected in the game immediately. Fly with pride, it shows your time and effort put into the game, and following the rules too, because one violation and you’re back to grade 3 😓. It shows you’re a role model for new pilots to the game. Well, except if you’re on casual all the time! 😂

This is a good achievement, keep going! 🤠

Happy Flying!

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Hope to see you in the skies! Happy flying!

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What wonderful pictures! Congratulations on your promotion to Grade 4!

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What a great flight and a buttery landing to get to grade 4, welcome to the #GreenTeam!


Thank you very much! Glad you likes them :)

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aCtUaLlY, iTs “GrEaSeD”
Glad to be part of #GreenTeam

Great pictures ! Welcome to the green tag club 😄

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Thanks for the feedback and I am glad to be part of the club

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Congrats! I lost grade 4 because school started lol

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Yeah, unfortunately you have to keep doing landings to keep it, which is why I don’t think I’ll have it long

Very nice pictures and congrats! Looks like a nice butter to grade 4 :)!

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