My Goole account

Why i cant back my google account /
I have not been a long time and now back to the infinite flight and I purchase a month subscribe 02.05.2020 and I am offered a new account I dont understand it . why my google account delete ? My nickname was Captain Orkhan
I use infinite flight a year and now back i can’t return my account

Hey! Here’s what you should do, taken directly from the Support FAQ Page:

If you just purchased a new subscription but it ended up on an account you do not recognize (usually named “User-####”, #=digits), we can help you transfer it to the correct one.
Please let us know the display name and callsign for both the new account as well as the one you wish to use, and we can then transfer the subscription to the correct account. Please contact us via e-mail at for assistance with this.

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Hello, welcome back to the community

If you did not link your data to a Google account previously, then your data will be reset once your subscription is inactive for a certain amount of time.

Staff will be in contact soon, and they should be able to help retrieve your old data :)

Okay thanks

okay thanks I do it