My good friends landings at L35!

Hi everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful day! Well today instead of doing a trip report, I am going to do something a little different. I am going to show you all screenshots of my very good friends, @Generic_Flyer, @AIDAN101, @United403, @EnthusiasticAviation, their amazing buttered landings at a very small airport called L35 on their CRJ 200s in the generic livery!

@Generic_Flyer had a great landing!

@AIDAN101 definitely buttered!

Pretty nice landing @United403!

And last but certainly not least! @EnthusiasticAviation buttered it very nicely!

That’s all people of IFC! Have a great rest of your night everyone!


I’m really surprised i buttered it, since I was actually in a mild panic when landing because my controls were getting slidey, if that makes sense

I vote picture 2 as my favorite btw


Until the next group flight/event!

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Totally unbiased, right?

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yeah yeah. unbiased 100%

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My airport! I didn’t know it can hold CRJs now

Absolutely gorgeous

Seems like it can. Tell them to widen the runway a bit maybe?

It’s okay… tell them what really happened… I’m ready T_T

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I’ll take it you’re an ex-Ryanair pilot…

Excellent dear Colleagues !



More like pegasus :)

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No I am very unprofessional that I fly for Ryanair now!

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And southwest

No you did butter it!