My God What a Beautiful Airplane

The developers just completely outdid themselves with the A220. I started it up at KJAC at sunrise with the Grand Tetons behind me. As I turned to taxi toward the runway the sun glints down the fuselage to the tail. The shine off the silver of the landing gear. I haven’t even taken off yet and I’m just in awe of the work they have done. Infinite Flight developers just have me amazed the way they keep working to bring new content and engage this community even more. Love your work and I’m so grateful to be an IF pilot! Thank you!


They just improve every day, second, minute and hour! They have actually put a new standard on flight simulation and especially this year 2021 proved us and everyone that Infinite Flight is capable to do anything! Now let’s see what 2022 contains, maybe more content and features than F/A 18- and Ejet rework?


Yes the quality of the latest builds has me amazed and makes me excited for what is next! It’s incredible that we have such an amazing simulation on mobile devices.

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I mean, ten years of only coding, and one year full of content! Thats a big trade-off when you think of it! But still Infinite Flight has much more to do, but I am sure that from now they do have the capabillities to run the game much more efficiently to many users! Lets see what 2022 brings us!

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