My global is not loading for me

Can someone please help me.

Change this to #support, do you have a good WiFi connection? If you do, try restarting the app. This should clear things up.

Hey there,

Sometimes a device refresh and restart of the app clears this up.

Restart your device will clear some RAM, doing it should do the trick!

I have done both and both gives me the same result

Try resetting your router and spawn in at another airport.


Ok i will try it thanks


I was using data when i was on infinite flight just now


Hmm, sometimes data is Sketchy. I hear people have issues with Android, though I donโ€™t have one myself. Maybe thatโ€™s it? Leave it to others to help out ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

Sometimes you will see a red triangle but it usually clears up after a bit. Just be patient and make sure that you keep your device fresh and have a stable internet connection.

Haha ok thanks for ur help

Ok sure i will do that thanks for the help