My Gemini Jets

Since my birthday is coming up next week that means I will probably get some Gemini hets and money and a few other things I wanted to ask, what is the best 1:400 Gemini jet I should get for a starting airport.


Actually, I had just bought one of these and I really recommend it.

It’s a 787-9 I believe. It looks beautiful and I think it would be good for your first airport.


Same here! February 6th :)


Thanks I was considering actually getting it a month ago but I had to wait till my birthday😒 Definitely an option

Hold on you [quote=“Aria, post:2, topic:95119”]
just bought

But then you say[quote=“Aria, post:2, topic:95119”]
787-9 I believe

How can you not know?

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Mines is the 7th…


Because I don’t have the plane right in front of me so I can’t determine which dreamliner it is. But I know it’s a -9 I was just a bit uncertain. I have the -8 and the -9

It’s a 787-9, AF has only ordered this variant of the 787.


I have a few models of my own, and they’re all so good. A 747 or A380 by them is highly recommended on my end

Ya those would be very good models I would probably start with one 747 and work my way up

I’m considering in purchase this one:


Have you seen the New Alaska Airlines honor our troops livery on their website?

What theme are you looking for? International? Domestic? Where were you planning to theme your airport after?

My personal favorites tend to be the 737s and regional jets like the ERJ, but large ones like the A330 and 767 are good too.

Any Alaska Airlines model

It will probably be an international airport

Buy from a retailer like Jetway Models vs amazon, you’ll save a lot of money…

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But there is the -10 on IF.
That’s weird

What can I say about it…¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Thanks guys, any others?

This Emirates A380 model.