My game randomly crashed

My game randomly crashed on training server when controlling at KMCI.

Ummm…some more information would be appreciated. Device, graphic settings, etc. fall under this information that you should always provide when posting in this category. In addition, did it crash to the home screen of your device, or did it return you to the main screen of the app?

Try restarting the app first

Ok I was controlling looking at the arrivals and I couldn’t find the two coming in and when I clicked on there name it crashed.

It crashed to the Home Screen.

I would restart the app, clear scenery, and lower graphics. Those things may help

What does clear scenery do I’m not trying to lose my replays or anything.

Your replays will be okay.

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Yes your replays wont be gone

Ok I cleared my scenary two times.

see if that helps!

It did thanks it’s not crashing nomore.

But the only thing is there’s no more arriving traffic coming into KMCI.

I’d just like to say that clearing your scenery cache won’t prevent app crashes…it really doesn’t help the issue at hand. Turn scenery and graphics quality down, and if it happens again, report it (in more detail, please).

If you want to open, I can fly into KMCI and try it out for you.

When I was using a old gen ipad clearing the scenery often helped with inflight crashes. I guess it depends on the situation.

If it helps, I just flew Miami to Doha, an almost 14 hour flight in a live cockpit 77W using my 5 year old IPhone 6s. Make sure you have enough storage, restart the device before the flight, and keep all graphics on low. I also put it on a cold windowsill while flying which keeps it from getting hot

Yeah that would help @Thunderbolt.

Or it could just be that my phone was 1%.

Did your phone’s battery die, or did your app crash to the home screen of your device? Very, very misleading information.

No my phone didn’t die it just crashed to the home screen do you want to come still?