My game keeps on crashing on live

Ok so my infinity flight keeps crash when I’m in cockpit view and I zoom in my game freezes and crashes a second later. Happed on final after 13 hour flight. Mad me very mad. I have an iPad mini 4. I have version 11.2 latest version. I have 90 gigabytes free I know your saying how could it crash I have all that free space well it does. So before ever flight I close all other apps and restart my iPad. And yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still crash. And I have my graphics on medium. Is there anyone out there that can tell me am I doing something wrong. Thank you!.

Have you tried turning the graphics to low, turning low power on, and reducing plane count?
Also is this local WiFi or cellular data. Does it happen even when just spawning, or only after an extended period of time?

Yes my plane count is on low. I have tried my graphics on low it look like potato though. And my game crash just before landing on at crusing.

So it’s only happened once or several times?

Many many times I got so frustrated I made this.

Have you tried shutting down your Ipad altogether and closing out apps? You can do this by holding power button and doubble tapping the home button. You probably know this.

Yes I have shut the whole iPad down. And sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

Is anything in the background running?

Try removing the map from the cockpit view, some say this can be the reason for some freezing on your device

Nope just infinity flight

Yes I have done that every flight

Do you have show touch on? I have had that make me crash.

Are you sure you downloaded the right app? By the sound of it you downloaded some random app called infinity flight
We play Infinite Flight - Heads up for future


No I do not have it on

I highly doubt it. What other mobile sim allows you to have a map on cockpit view and fly for 13 hours? 😂


I would suggest contacting a mod to help.

Poking fun at people calling it Infinity Flighty instead of Infinite Flight, xD
I know that there is no other mobile app that lets you fly around the world


Know any way I can do that ?

What about limit frame rate and anti-aliasing?

Yes I do and I have that set off