My game keeps on crashing it says “Infinite Flight has stopped”

Hello, thank for contacting support.

Follow Steps by step.

  • Try restart your Samsung device.
  • If above does not work then try clear the data in the device setting (Like RAM, Battery draining, and etc.)
  • If these 2 steps does not work, then try uninstall and reinstall.

Hope it’s working.

This happened to me a few times. The last time was because for some reason IF wouldn’t run from my SD card. Which it has been stored all this time except when the SD card went bad in the past.

If you have IF stored on an SD card, go to storage in settings and look on the SD card to see if it’s there under apps. If it is, click location and move it to internal storage. It may take a few minutes but once completed. Try reopening the game.

Thanks to all

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Which one did it help?

I justtrstared my phone stilldosent work ima try all that’s you guys

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Deleting and reinstall helped thanks alot I was worried I had a year subscription thanks alot m8