My game keeps crashing

My game keeps crashing every time I start a flight I’ve deleted the game and re downloaded it and made sure I’ve got loads of memory free on my iPad but this hasn’t fixed the problem, could anyone help?

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Hello! Have you tried turning down your graphics? And also, make sure to restart your device. And if all of that doesn’t work, you should delete and reinstall Infinite Flight.

Hello welcome to the community! sorry to hear you’re having problems, like @Cooper suggested turning down graphics may help, if you dont mind me askig what version of Infinite flight are you runing also what version of IOS you are on… this could also be a factor!


Hello and welcome!
May you tell me Whatt device you’re on? Also, do you have any apps running in the backround

iPad Air 2 running with software 15.2

Thank you for your help I’ll give it a try

No problem, let me know if it works!

How old is your device? Age plays a crucial factor into how well certain applications can run.

Whenever you boot up IF, are you playing it with applications running in the background? It’s good you have lots of memory freed up, very crucial, but background apps take up that available memory. Be sure to kill those background apps before you fly.

Are you playing Infinite Flight in a well ventilated area? A processor power-heavy game like IF can cause your device to heat up, and potentially force-quit the game, alongside negatively impact your device’s performance. Be sure to have a fan in your room, or place your device somewhere cool to reduce the chance your device overheats.

This one may sound silly, but what camera view are you using while flying? If you’re using a camera view that allows you to see outside the plane, especially on long-haul flights, you need to set it to cockpit view. If your device has to constantly load new scenery, after a few hours it will crash. A very wise penguin told me that @Pingu

I like to set my camera view to the cockpit and zoom in on the instrument panel, especially on long-hauls.

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