My game keeps crashing

Hi I was wondering why my game has been crashing it has crashed 10 times in the past 1 day I have a iPad Air 2 2018 and I have my graphics on high and my aircraft on high but my game crashes out of know were

Hey @LED_Aviation! Sorry to hear about that. The iPad Air 2 is a rather old device, which may explain why you are experiencing crashes. I personally use a iPad Air 2 too, and my app crashes from time to time. Seeing that your settings are all high, I recommend lowering it and restarting your device before starting a flight. I’ve linked some resources below that should be able to help decrease the frequency of the constant app crashes you experience!

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Are you using any 3rd Pary Apps, like IF Assistant?

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No I’m not

But on the last update it was fine my game didn’t crash at all and was with the same settings

I think I might of found the problem I haven’t restarted my I pad in 2 week think I got to do that

Restarting your device should be able to help. This is a quick and reliable way of making sure your device is operating at peak efficiency.

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