My game is suddenly freezing and will sometimes crash for some reason

Right now I was playing infinite flight as one of my hobbies doing a flight from NZON - YSSY but the game suddenly started to freeze but didn’t crash and I was shocked because yesterday It had the same thing in the game and then the game crashed when I was doing a go-around and wasted 2-3 hours of my life with no landing;-;. I don’t know if it’s happening to other players or just me. But I just wanted to report this minor issue to you guys. Love your amazing game <3.

Hey there!

Have you read this first? It contains useful information on how to deal with crashes and/or freezes.

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i haven’t and ill read it to see if it can fix it

It’s right at the top of the general FAQ.

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I haven’t sawed it before and now knowing it now i know why.
thank you.

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