My game is crashing due to sound intensity

First of all, about 1 hour ago 2024-01-25T14:30:00Z Auckland int. (NZAA) I’m sorry if you saw a plane disappear while waiting for takeoff and were disturbed by it. (Expert Server)

My game has been shutting down for a long time for a reason It only happens when I’m on the ground and experiences audio stuttering. Sometimes colors in shades of yellow also appear on the screen (no, I’m not crazy :D). I’ve been doing some experimental work for a week to try to understand what the problem is:

- As ATC, I received the Radar frequencies of the 4 busiest airspaces on the Training server (usually my game crashed)

- As a pilot, I took off from a busy airspace (LAX) and examined the radar air (My game did not crash)

- I always keep my graphics settings low and the number of planes at the highest (I think the number of planes may be a factor in this)

I think the problem is related to the sounds or there may be a reason for my device’s sound card (Iphone 11) If anyone has the same problem and solves it, please help, thanks.

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I have the same problems but the game doesn’t crash

I have experienced this a few times in the last couple months also. It seems to only occur when the ATC frequency is busy and the airport is busy. I posted about it in the Support forum last month and the devs are aware and investigating it. Hoping for a fix in the next update!

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