My game has crashed the past 4 flights


I use the Samsung galaxy s10plus which has the latest android update, however every time I fly on infinite flight my game just stops however the sound makes a long juddering noise then my phone restarts. I have tried altering my graphics and settings etc however this had made no difference

If anyone has any other ideas or solutions to help me out I would be greatly appreciated as I’m missing my long haul flight ha

Cheers, Mark

Hey there! Sorry to hear this is happening. To best help you out, could you tell me if your device happens to have the Exynos chip? This may be the prime cause in your app crashing.

Adding on, it seems as though the entire phone is crashing, and not just the app, correct? Does the phone also crash in other apps as well?

This might help/be your issue

Only infinite flight the picture and sound freezes and the phone restarts

im assuming it does with the only app affected is infinite flight I have deleted apps and storage to rule out that issue as well

Do you happen to have the model number on hand? If so, could you please provide it so I can confirm whether or not it has this specific chip set?

This alone leads the idea you have the exynos version of the device, which currently is suffering from an issue that results in the device soft resetting randomly during flights. Also the fact that the Snapdragon S10 is only available in the UK when imported.

It was introduced with the Android 10 update and was not present with A9. There currently is no known solution or workaround for the issue, though the staff team is looking into it, it’s believed to be an issue on Samsung’s end and they are yet to push out a patch for it.

Worth keeping an eye on the thread linked by @IF787, that’s where updates are being posted. It’s worth also posting your issue there with as much detail as possible.

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Model number is SM-G975F

I will keep a eye out like i said im missing my long haul flights especially with the 777w and 777f coming soon 😂

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Yes, your device does have the Exynos chip. That is most likely the cause of your issue.

The following support topic covers the information and updates about this issue. Please utilize this as a “tracking thread” so to speak.

will keep an eye on it, hopefully it gets fixed in a way haha

Yes, definitely. It seems more of an issue on Samsung’s side, however the IF team is working on seeing if they can patch it in a way.

Issue is being tracked here: