My game doesn’t play any sound

My game suddenly stopped playing the sounds even with the volume at the top. Reinstalling also doesn’t work. What should I do? the app worked fine earlier.

Note: I am not a PRO user

Device: iPad
Operating system: iPadOS 16.1 (public beta)


Your device is most likely muted.
Swipe down from the top right to bring out “Control Center”. There you will most likely find a red, highlighted bell. That would be indicating that your device is muted. Tap it to unmute :)

If what schyllberg said didn’t work, try restarting your app

It’s at max volume

It’s not about volume. It’s a switch/button that mutes or unmutes your device.

I have already tried. Thanks

Hello everybody, I have been playing the game with the correct settings, but still the game does not play any volume ( the issue started today )

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