My game didnt crash it just restarted

So I had flew from Mexico City to London, then London to Male (Maldives). Everything was fine up until I landed in Maldives. When I switched over to Infinite Passengers to prepare for another flight everything was okay until I went back to Infinite Flight and it just went black and restarted. It recorded my time but not the final destination. I want to know did I receive the landing for London and Male? I know it may seem trivial but I have had issues with not getting credit for landings in the past and this time I am not going to just let it go. So any help/ suggestions? And before anyone says anything about memory or RAM trust me that is not the issue with this device.

The root cause to this was as below:

This is usually caused by the operating system and not the app. It simply decided to kill the app.

Your stats up until this occurrence should have been added to your account.

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