My game crashes

IF since 22.1 every time I go near an airport the game closes and I already deleted and installed the game but the error continues.

My device is a 3rd generation Ipad Air and my graphics are on high, plane count is on medium.

I tried lowering the graphics but the error continues and I think it’s an IF failure, not that my device can’t.


Hey! Sorry to hear you’re having problems…

How much storage is left on your device ?

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Hello, thanks for answering!

About 32gb left on my device.

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That’s way more than enough , i’m sure the devs are ahead of this and are aware of the FPS drops and rendering issues.

Here are my top tips to reduce the chance of crashes, do let us know if they help :

1 - Restart device before doing a flight ✈️
2 - Lower your airplane count to a lower setting
3 - Lower your 3D Object density / rendering resolution / Texture quality (For me personally i started putting 3D object density to medium from high and this helped a lot and i haven’t had any crashes since)
4 - Lowering your frame rate

Do let us know if this helps!
If this issue persists then do go ahead and delete and reinstall the app! as your last option


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I will try it and as soon as I have results I will communicate it, thank you very much!

Try to clear cache of your device before open IF (I don’t know if you can do this on apple, I’m on android but it works for me)

On top of all the amazing suggestions above, another one which hasnt been mentioned is device care. Make sure that your device is running at optimum by going into device settings and optimising it before opening IF and also make sure to have as least (best is none) apps running in the background.




Today I tried the tips you told me, and the one that worked best for me was to clear the cache.

In approximation the game did not close and the fps did not drop.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

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