My game crashes when there is a lot of traffic

Hey whenever I load into a busy airport like in the case of today’s featured airports my game crashes or kicks me out. I dont know if this is a network issue or a devise issue. If it is a device issue what can I do to reduce the strain on my device. I have tried to use only cockpit view facing down and use the hud map but and some point it becomes in convenient and problematic just looking at legs and not the beauty of Infinte flight. This becomes very irritating(mind my language) when you are on short final and suddenly you see a black screen or when you want to participate in an event but you cant even pushback . Can someone please tell me how to fix this. If there is a thread relating to this or if I missed any details please let me know below. Oh and I use a galaxy tab A.

What graphics do you have the game set to?

Have you tried the steps on the topic linked below? That should be your first step:

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Ok I will try that today

hey i put limit frame rate on anti-aliasing off ,texture quality ,rendering resolution and quality low and the game still crashed on down-wind of an 11 hour flight

Was the airport busy? Airplane count? And What’s your device?

yes Lax

i put it to low

Samsung galaxy tab A

Have a look at this! In here, they have your device and what your settings should be on


ok thanks i will do it today!

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No problem! If you have any other questions, just let me know!

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Hi @Ritesh32, I had a similar problem when I was flying into OMDB when it was a featured airport and my game crashed. I just turned down the graphics by a bit and that solved it.

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