My game crashes very often ... what can I do?

Game crash every time on long flights, sometimes after 10h flying, sometimes after 4…
But I can’t understand reason…
It is not overheat of my phone or slow battery.
Why game can crash for so many times??

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Hey there,

★What’s your device model?
★How much storage is available on the Device?
★What is your Infinite Flight graphics settings?

Let me know these and I can try to help you! :)

★Xiaomi Mi 9 lite
★6 RAM (2.7-3.1 gb is usually empty), and also 128 gb ROM
★ On long flights I reset all to low.

Hi again, thanks for the info.

I wanted to know one more thing, do you have low power mode enabled during long hauls, is anti aliasing on/off? Also is limit frame rate on/off?

I used to use the Redmi Note 8 Pro until mid 2020, and it worked very well. The Mi 9 lite was released the same time around the note 8 pro, however not as powerful as the note 8 pro.

What I would recommend doing is, after you reach cruising altitudes zoom into the chair in the cockpit and leave it. Also allow your device to get rest before doing another flight.

As the device is not that powerful I cannot guarantee that app crashes won’t happen again so take the steps which I highlighted above.

Hope it helps! :)


Ok. Low power is off, because my phone is on charge during flight, and i think that it isn’t help so much. Anti alising is of, because fps is folling to 10, or 5 fps when it is running, and it is not good :)
And limit frame is on.

Try freeing up some space.


I would actually trying to turn on the energy saver option. After I did that, my device stopped overheating at all basically. And even if that’s not your problem, it definitely helps with reducing processing power since it lowers the frames when you aren’t at your device

Try hard restarting your device before every flight. This ensures it is running at peak performance.

Also, when you get to cruise in a flight, roll back your phone’s brightness to 0, or very low.

Be sure to set your viewpoint to inside the cockpit, to where no scenery is visible, or point it at the sky. If your phone is having to consistently load new scenery, it will make it crash sooner.


I‘m having the same issue. I have a 32 GB Apple IPad 2018 model with 9.7 retina inch display

Hmmm… what’s the remaining storage available on your device?

27.7 of 32GB being used

But this problem only developed just recently.

Could you be more specific, example:

Airplane Count: Very High
Rendering Quality: Medium/High
Rendering Resolution: Low/Medium
Texture Quality: Low/High
Anti-Aliasing: On
Limit Frame Rate: Checked


All Settings are on default

Airplane count in medium
Anti-Aliasing - Off
Rendering low
Graphics medium
Scenery high

Frame rate is limited

It could be something else.

  • Be sure to reboot your device before long hauls.
  • Close any running background apps. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook all take up a lot of resources.
  • Try without running any 3rd party apps

Is the app just closing, or are you getting a pop-up message that infinite flight has stopped working?

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I reload sistem (set to standard all, and delete all), and now, after Flight From Moscow to Male it isn’t crashed, so, maybe my problem closed.

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First the sound goes away and then a minute later the game force quits .

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