My game crashes too often


That’s my storage.

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Take a look here for the device capabilities.

What I mean here is to reduce the graphic options. I am also currently using the iPad Air. The old 2015 First Gen.

My device also crashes randomly at times. But I find this a bit more rare. This only happens when Approaching and taking activity in busy Airspace. Literally. Last night in Atlanta my device went crazy after landing here. Almost crashed.

It also crashed in Los Angles KLAX, and Chicago KORD with the airspace of up to more than 50 people. I think the reason behind this one is the amount of aircrafts downloading that fills up the storage. Busy airspace’s May also follow up to more reasons to why my device is crashing.

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That’s my problem along with loading! I need help.



I would suggest reinstalling at this point. It might help a bit. But in the end, the device is really old and have most likely suffered considerable performance degradations over the years. Lower graphics is advisable as well.


I am getting a iPad Pro later this week. I don’t know if I’ll be able to fly until then.


Honestly my device runs really well despite getting old. But it runs really slowly when being in a busy airspace. I always turn off Anti-Aliasing.

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I’ll try that.


I am also reinstalling my app most of the time when my storage fills up. It keeps crashing when using it after a while. Restarting your iPad is also recommended before every flight.


Even if the model is the same, the way it’s been used is most likely not. The more time passes, the more different they will perform depending on past usage.


Do you have many apps running in the backround?


Nope. I close all apps before and do a soft reset before.


Okay… Is your ipad updated to the lastest ios version?


Yeah, it is.


Then i dont now


Me neither.


Hasn’t Scyllberg solved the issue already? Also, take a look into the device capabilities for more info. 👇


Oh I would uninstalled and reinstalled if I were u it would probably boost the game


Would it then be a good practice to re-install the IF app every so many months?


He meant device slows down over time. When the first devices gets released it comes with diff OS then what he has over time with so many updates and fixes. And memory degradation happens aswell, all memery blocks has life cycle same as battery…and with more background stuffs quickly runs out blocks. There are many things. Device will go bad over time easily. Not necessarily app at fault.

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