My game crashes too often

I already had a topic about this, but it didn’t work. Landing and LAX game crashing
Anyways, read that and come back here. I am getting a new IPad later this week, but I want to be able to fly while I can. I am on spring break, so I can fly when I want, but apparently not. And no, I don’t fly the A330 and I have the hot fix’s for 19.1. Please help!

Well what device do you have some older devices can’t handle IF very well.

iPad Air original. It worked last week.

What graphics setting are you running it on? The iPad Air is one of the oldest supported models, so it can’t be that high and won’t manage long hauls very well.

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I’m using medium on aircraft and mid on ground, low on aircraft count. It looks to ugly for me to go any lower,

And how long have your flights been?

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Nowadays, they are about 1:25. They used to be at avrege 13:25


The thing i wonder though… i looked up your account. And the last flight that ended without a destination airport which indicates an app crash or ending the flight prematurely, was March 24th?

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That was before I stopped doing long hauls. It’s better now, but is laggy too.

So why are you bringing this up now when there hasn’t been any issues for almost a month, you’re changing device this week and suddenly now it’s panic? ;)

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It’s really laggy! And my game crashed in the loading screen 3 times today!

Is your WiFi network good or are you on cellular data

WiFi is good.

How much storage is available on your device?

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That’s my storage.

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Take a look here for the device capabilities.

What I mean here is to reduce the graphic options. I am also currently using the iPad Air. The old 2015 First Gen.

My device also crashes randomly at times. But I find this a bit more rare. This only happens when Approaching and taking activity in busy Airspace. Literally. Last night in Atlanta my device went crazy after landing here. Almost crashed.

It also crashed in Los Angles KLAX, and Chicago KORD with the airspace of up to more than 50 people. I think the reason behind this one is the amount of aircrafts downloading that fills up the storage. Busy airspace’s May also follow up to more reasons to why my device is crashing.

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That’s my problem along with loading! I need help.


I would suggest reinstalling at this point. It might help a bit. But in the end, the device is really old and have most likely suffered considerable performance degradations over the years. Lower graphics is advisable as well.


I am getting a iPad Pro later this week. I don’t know if I’ll be able to fly until then.

Honestly my device runs really well despite getting old. But it runs really slowly when being in a busy airspace. I always turn off Anti-Aliasing.

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