My game crashes on short final

Can someone help me with this problem?
I flew 10h and then it crashed.
It’s now happening every time


I’m slightly confused…what’s the issue, as I can’t see much in the screenshot?

I’m sorry to hear that,maybe you have no fuel or your plane speed is too slow,try to fly more,training more

I’m not sure what is going on, you can try to contact support or scroll threw the support first. Also, I’m not quite sure, but have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling?

Is it always as you land or after ten hours?

I’ve been having a similar problem. Usually on long hauls generally over 6hrs. Even with graffic settings on low, on short final my device freezes and after a second or so it crashes.
Please note that prior to the short final (including t/o from a busy airport) my device doesn’t really lag too much or freeze to the point that it crashes.

I have an iPad Air

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