My game crashed

My game crashed four times today, and it happened a few minutes after I Spawned in

What device do you have?

What do your graphics settings look like?

Does your phone get hit before it crashes?

I have an iPad

Could you screenshot your graphics settings? And what type of iPad? iPad Pro? Mini? How old is it?

Graphics settings look like this:

The iPad is the type that has a home button

Try turning those settings to medium or low to see if that fixes the problem.

You can see the recommended settings for your device model on this thread that I linked below.

I don’t see my device

Nvm found it

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In order to help you we need to know what your device is, you can look at it in your device settings, when you are in settings click in general and there will be an entry called information, you enter and the device model will appear.

When you have it we can help you more easily :)

It’s the iPad 6th generation

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You can eliminate some repetitions and thus save space on the device and try to lower the graphic settings.

Well, all your settings are on high, trying starting off with all your settings at low and then slowly increasing them as you play to find the limit of your device. Sometimes the device compatibility thread settings won’t necessarily work for your device, I can attest :)

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The thing is it was working before when I had it on high

Did the problem start when you spawn in 3D airports?

try Medium High High High

yes they did. But it was just this one time

It crashed even with all of them on medium

I have that iPad and what I do is takeoff with high settings then set to low after takeoff until landing