My game crashed @KSFO while on final

The whole flight it was laggy but at the end it suddenly froze then my game crashed is there a solution.

My phone is a IPhone X 64 GB

It was never like this before


Due to server issues the likelihood of crashing is increased. I can only suggest waiting for more stability on the servers before flying. It can often be like this for the first few hours of a release.


Try restarting the device as well, I think it can help.


Rip im flying EWR-SIN hope this doesn’t happen

I’ll try to restart it now

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put your Airplane shown to medium or high (in setting) when landing on busy airport ;)

My game lagged hard even with medium

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you should change device, what your device ?

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My device is an iPhone X never had a problem it’s most likely because of the update I guess

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was talking to @InfiniteBrafitYT ;)

Mh device is a iPad 10th Gen from 2019

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ok wow, it’s a bug. me i have an Iphone XS and it work well.

no same for me and I have IPad 6th generation

My game has been lagging hard at EWR but I have another 18 and s half hours so once i leave the busy areas I should be fine

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I have iPad 6th generation and the flight crashed on downwind. It was a 1:30 hour flight


EWR is active ?

K think we should stop this lol and close this thread

I crashed mid flight from KSAN-KPHX too. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 gb

This is serious

My game mainly crashes when I scroll around the map