My future plan for collecting Model Aircraft

Do you know any places to buy Gemini Jets in the UK

not that I know of.

I’m working on getting a 1:1 model of a 77W


1:100 is BIG!


Ok, it’s fine! I found another website

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1:1? Jeez…


We will be Condor DC10 buddies now 🤣


Did you manage to take some photos of your DC-10? If so, PM me some

All of the Post offices are closed today, even UPS Postal office. I just found out today, so my Condor DC-10 will not ship until tomorrow, and will arrive on Thursday. My parents gave me money to buy the Gemini Jets 1:400 scale Jetbridges, I will purchase them tomorrow. I will purchase the Emirates A340 on Friday End of Update

No offense, but does no one actually build models any more? When I hear model airplane, I think like Revel and the kits that you have to put together. I’ve built a P-51(Big Beautiful Doll) and a Piper Cherokee

Just a note, the jetway wheels don’t extend. At least mine don’t. 😭

I’ve built some pretty nice 1:35 tank models from Tamiya, those are always fun.


Sorry for the late reply, I think they do, but they’re just very stiff, and I wouldn’t even try to pull on them. When I get them, they’ll mainly fit on the Concorde and Emirates A340, but not my my DC-10 I think. My Condor DC-10 is shipping today!

Guys, I updated the post! I forgot to deposit $50 and only deposited $40, so I ordered the Airbridges and should soon come in next week on Tuesday (while I’m in school). I should be able to go back tomorrow to deposit the $50 and order the Emirates A340.

I have the jetbridges and they are phenomenal. If you’re thinking of buying them it’s hand down needed for s model airport. Love them and they’re not that expensive. When I looked them up I thought it would be like $50 but it was only $26 for single jetways and $20 for dual aisle aircraft jetbridges. Amazing investment totally recommend it.

They should if you give them a small pull.

You have a nice friend!

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Dude, $26 is a lot.

Not compared to aircraft and ground vehicles. The vehicles cheapest I could find were like $30 bucks.

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Yeah the vehicles are rubbish.