My future plan for collecting Model Aircraft

So, as many of you know, I have secured both a Concorde and a Condor DC-10 made by Gemini Jets. Currently, I have those cheap Matchbox and Daron toys, which I haven’t been collecting anymore, and the last Daron Model plane I bought was when I was in the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, and it was a Spirit Airlines Airbus A320, and costed $10.

The Plan
I plan on starting to collect 1:400 Scale Gemini Jets Model Aircraft via I will modernize my collection by firstly purchasing Detailed and well built Aircraft from Gemini Jets. I will still have the Daron and Matchbox toys, but I will put them away somewhere, Like in my closet, and store them there. The DC-10 should Arrive this Wednesday (If not, the latest should be thursday). A friend of mine is interested to see my Collection grow, so she will send in money until I get a job (Currently going to be getting like $50), which will allow me to get another Gemini Jets Aircraft, which will most likely be an Emirates Airbus A340 for $35.00.

Once I get the money, I will then order my third Gemini Jets aircraft, and I am considering on getting the Emirates A340. Later, I plan on getting the Gemini 1:400 Air bridges (set of 6) for $23. I will mostly pay $11.47 for UPS Ground shipping, as I live in NH and the place where they sell it, Airlinemuseum, is in Connecticut so that I can get it faster.


In the end, I will no longer be buying those Daron toys, as I am more into Gemini Jets models, since they’re more detailed and built better (and they don’t have stickers like Daron which peel off, since they’re painted on). I will try to get a job so I can get some income and get my own model planes and continue to grow my Model Collection.

This British Airways Concorde will be my first Gemini Jets. I got it in a private deal
I got the Condor DC-10!

This Emirates A340 will be my third Gemini Jets Aircraft Will order this Tomorrow

Comments about this are welcome. If you have any questions regarding this post, please Private Message me, thanks.


Far more interesting than most of the junk some people put here.

Now that is a plan.


Wow that looks awesome, great plan. And no, you are not posting too much about this. I enjoy these types of topics.


Actually, I have an recommendation. Check amazon for these models also. If you need any help please feel free to pm me :)

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The reason why i don’t buy Daron anymore is because I own like 5 and all of them are either busted or the stickers a peeling off, and the wheels and landing gears are not real.
As for the Matchbox, they haven’t made any commercial airliner since 2005, and they’re making boring planes.

it seems like you are trying to do an airport ;), I like it. Send more Pics @Daniel_Cerritos

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I do use Amazon, and I have seen many planes made from Gemini as well.


what pictures? I don’t have the model planes yet, so can’t send any pictures, sorry.

i mean when you get them ;)

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oh, ok, sure. I will make a small airport with like 3 gates, since I have limited space.

Have you bought any airport taxiways and scenery’s if so just PM me what airport and where you got them from

No I have not, I don’t plan on buying Airport mats, I make custom airport sceneries on my own, and I design my own Airport mats and taxiways.

Cool. Can you pm me about it as i think I’m creating my own.

Airline museum for the win! As far as model airports, if you can find a place with a large printer to use, design and print an airport via Microsoft Publisher, it’s a ton of fun to do it that way. If you want any aircraft reccomendations, I have plenty to talk about 👍🏻.

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Let me know how the jet bridges are. Thinking about getting my hands on one of them soon. :)


I can’t at the moment, doing something with my family (Cleaning up), but my mats are hand drawn.

I’ve heard that they’re really flimsy and poorly made. I reccomend just printing them off of Those work really nicely.

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I guess you meant :)

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Yeah, that’s what it is 👍🏻. Those are what I’m using for my airport.

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Sure, once I get some, I will PM you some pictures.