My friend was reported

Who was working approach at KATL at the time in this image?

Move this to #live

I doubt it was for no reason, I’m afraid. Can he check his logbook? He’ll find the controller and the reason there. He then needs to contact the controller via PM in case he wants to appeal it.


Ok thank you

We will give you the controllers IFC account for you to PM him privately and end this topic. Can I suggest he speaks in person on an IFC account, and if not then create one and get to TL2?

Why are you making a topic for your friend?
Is this “friend” you?

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It’s @Ethan_Hansen he will PM you when his session is over :)

No it’s not me. I am me

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I found him

Tell him to DM me, your friend and I need to talk, we don’t need a messenger.