My Friend Tries Out The A-10

So one of my friends that’s into aviation wanted to try out the A-10 on infinite flight. So he took off from March afb and did some low alt mountain flying around cali. Then he returned. I got to catch his first landing attempt on video.

His landing was pretty bad. Then he proceeded to gun the plane and fly a 90* turn to get on the bigger runway. He touched down hard scraping tail, then again and one more time before ever leaving the runway(area). So I didnt get that cause I thought he was done and walked away to get a drink but theres still a video so, yeah.


That was a pretty bad landing lol

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Yeah. I’ll say.

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I see he forgot to arm the spoilers lol but if he keeps practicing he will get better 🙃

The landing was not bad, it was just a hard landing and a bit off the centerline. Sometimes my first landings with the A-10 resulted WAY off the centerline…

Forget the spoilers, forget the decent landing, he manually used the throttle on the approach, which most players on here can’t do. Well done! Step up your game folks!


Yeah. I taught him that about 6 months ago. Hes still learning at it but he’s getting better.

Hard landing for sure!! What screen recorder do you use by chance?

I use omlet arcade for my streams and videos being posted on my YouTube but for this I just use my game launcher screen recorder

Hmm. I thought that was the norm