My friend told the next update about 3D building

My friend told the next update about 3D building Is it truth or no

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Who told him?


It probably won’t have it. They also still have to support players on older devices, on Live it would lag like crazy!


It is highly unlikely that Infinite Flight will ever see 3D buildings. It would create a lot of lag for the simulator. Who told you?


No it’s not.

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Infinite flight fb page they had a photo what it gona be like

I know what things will be included in the next update ;)

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Yea I think that to but the new update is popping

My friend jake he told me

Tell me tell me plz

He probably thought that buildings would be next for Infinite Flight ;)

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aha, and who told you?

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They’ve experimented with 3D buildings in the past, but it wouldn’t have worked on a mobile platform. Perhaps we’ll get it when the PC version is released. No one knows.

Until then, free feel to speculate on other topics about 3D buildings. :)