My friend have a problem with IF

My friend’s problem is that he have uptade at 27.7.2017

What device does he use?

Honor 7 lite and i use that too but i don’t have problem with that and he download it on saturday

Did he download official Infinite Flight or from internet?

On google play same that me

But i download it year ago

It is really bad thing cuz i want fly with him

From what I see, this device is not supported for the global version. (Correct me if I’m wrong.)

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Yes you are wrong cuz i play global with my honor 7 lite

Did he try to reinstall it? Also as I know he must have an access to google account where Infinite Flight was bought. Without that account he can’t update IF.

I ask that tomorrow cuz now it is 7 pm

Can your friend make a profile and do a support case? It would really help since we will want screen shots of your friend’s Infinite Flight about page. It is hard to go through a third party with all the questions.

I would suggest uninstalling, rebooting, and then reinstalling from the play store.


Just to make it clear: Just because it’s not in the compatibility thread does not mean that it’s not compatible with the global update. The thread does not cover every single device that supports the Global update, the list would be way too long.
Let’s wait for an answer from the OP and then we will see what we can do.


He reinstall it and now it is the first update

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