My following of N76528

Hello. I have always had trouble choosing routes so I have recently found an aircraft in the united fleet and have been doing its same flights. the airplane is a 737-800 in united continental livery. as the title states the aircraft is N76528. I have been flying online on the expert server and so far have been enjoying the journey of the craft. I have been finding out where the aircraft has gone through flight radar 24 and started my journey on July 17th. and by recreating the flights I do mean exactly recreating the flights. From flying at the same altitude to spawning and parking at the same gates to the exact departure times. One rule I have made for myself is that I don’t have to do flights over again I have a lot of flights to get through but so far I’ve done
UA: 1079 (SJO - EWR)
UA: 1222 (EWR - SJO)
UA: 1553 (SJO - LAX)
UA: 1263 (LAX - LAS)
UA: 1488 (LAS - DEN)
UA: 2239 (DEN - SFO)
UA: 1711 (SFO - CLE)
I will say it’s not a lot but over time I will continue to update my list. while writing this I’m flying UA 1711. I will send screenshots of my flight as well. here’s a link to the aircraft on flightradar24

If you want to why not try out some other aircrafts and comment if you ever did this or want to do this


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