My FNF through a few Moonshots

Given below are some Moonshots from my flight from Pudong to Capital. This is my first attempt and the tutorials from @DeerCrusher really helped. Hope you enjoy these.
A359 China Eastern

Beginning Taxi. A Cathay Pacific A359 landing on 35R at Pudong behind me.

In flight, climbing to cruise at FL320

Seconds before planting mains at Beijing Capital.

Please to give feedback and like this if you find these images nice.

Thanks for viewing!


Very nice! I don’t really know anything about editing😂 but maybe you could try and make the aircraft more visibility as they are very difficult to see @anon24319801

Awesome job tho


Thanks! Will try to work on the aircraft lighting. You can’t see anything in night time!

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Nice angle from the side. Tells a bit more of a story :)

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Thanks man!

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It’s not often you see two aircraft in a moonshot. And let alone flying, they’re landing, now that’s just awesome! I haven’t been able to so that yet. And the others are great too. All in all, awesome!

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Those photos are beautiful!!

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thanks a lot @Butter_Boi!

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Thanks @MJP_27

That’s awesome! The moon is definitely behind that… stellar!

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thanks a lot bro!

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Love the last one amazing! ;)

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Thanks a lot!

I would say this one is the best. Looks beautiful 😍


Thanks a lot man!

Very Nice with all the moonshots. I love China Eastern, glad it’s finally in the game…

I tried to fly from ZSPD → KJFK (game crashed though)😒 😓

Thanks a lot @Mr-plane-guy1 !

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