My FNF experience

Hey there, as you may know FNF is today. In honor of this beautiful event I flew 2 flights.
First flight was under an hour long but still very fun to fly:

I flew it with the CRJ200
Here are some pictures:

Flight Information

aircraft: CRJ-200
route: Jacksonville-Atlanta

Pictures #1

On final with my baby bombardier

Wanted to cross runway 27R, but then this beautiful beast showed up. He/she had in my opinion one of the most beautiful takeoffs I’ve ever seen!

Okay let’s move on to the less appreciated aircraft.
Today I also flew with @Tsumia, he in the flying banana and me in the 757.
I know it needs a rework, but that didn’t stop me from taking pictures.

Flight Information

aircraft: 757-200
route: Atlanta-Detroit

Pictures #2

Finally cleared for takeoff after a long taxi

Delta ❤️ KLM

Almost going vertical here, already was at 10,000 ft 5 minutes in-flight.

Thanks for viewing, I hope to see you in the skies🛫

Have a nice day :)


I love the photos

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Thanks mate😊

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Nice photos!

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Thank you very much :)

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