My Flying Tigers Flight Experience

Ladies and gentlemen on behalf of Tiger flight school I present to you my first time flying!!

I actually got to fly and takeoff
Pls leave a comment below and tell me if I show go for it? PPL?


I don’t know if I want to pay for it lol

Getting your PPL isn’t just a huge financial dedication but also a timing one. It’s very important to be 100 percent dedicated to it as you’ll be paying and spending a lot of time working for something that would be a waste if you aren’t too sure if you would want to continue in the middle of it. So I have this advise to give you. If you really enjoyed your discovery flight, give it a few more chances before you make this decision to really dedicate to your PPL training. It’ll be hard but it’s very rewarding. There are many scholarships and organizations that reward some applicants with funds to go towards training but it is very competitive. Best of luck!


Are you flying RN

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I loved it so Much. It was so much fun.

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No look at 9:35am Schedule

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Thanks for the advice bud I appreciate it

If you enjoyed the discovery flight and you’d like to go again, contact the school and ask if you could schedule another lesson.

Though, keep in mind that getting your PPL is a huge dedication and a pricey one at that.
However, nothing can compare to the feeling of flying and the enjoyment it brings - that together with a lot responsibility as well.

I hope you keep that in mind. It’s not just taking off, messing around and having fun and landing. It’s a lot of planning, studying, money, patience and stress when it comes to the final push.

I did enjoy the PPL but that just gave me the flying bug 😅

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