My Flying experience with Kuwait Airways and Emirates

Hey all,…
So yesterday my Emirates Flight landed in Dubai ended my trip to Jordan, which was a pretty cool Flight… Not that much.


My long trip started at 5:15AM, we drove from Ruwais to Dubai, it usuallt takes 3.5h to reach, but it took us 5 full hours to reach Dubai Airport at the free Parking. And the reason…

We reached Dubai, we Paeked the car and we went to the Airport, I tookoff in the 24th of March from Dubai with Kuwait Airways to Kuwait, the Airport was Normal, not that traffic as always.

The New A320 kuwait Aiways was so impressive, the seat was comfortable, IFE Was SO GENEROUS!, it even had High Quality Camera, everything was good, even the food!
We landed at kuwait, we parked at the Gate and ran to our flight to amman, the Aircraft was the Old A320, so no entertainment, but the seat was way more comfortable than the new one, but i still miss to the IFE.
The Flight was so smooth, everything was pretty amazing, we landed at Amman, and i was Surprised that the Airport was empty, only us and other passengers from KJFK.

Overall Rate:- 9/10

Back from Dubai
We reached airport little early, we went to checkin, the flight is delayed 2h due to reschedule, and we will muss our Kuwait Airways Fligjt to Dubai, so the crew in Kuwait will rebook our flight, i looked up the flights to Dubai, and i found that there is an A380 EK at 5:30PM departs Kuwait to Dubai, and we will reach before it, so i was sure that is our flight, i became excited, we went to Amman Airport Lounge, i ate then i went to do spotting, after 4h from Checkin they called our flight, and we boarded, it was the amazing A320 new, the flight was good, we reached Kuwait, then we headed to the transit office, and they rebooked us to an Emirates Flight, but in a new 777 that departs 8:35PM, and not a window Seat, the airport was little bad, and the Flight was Worse, the Seats were uncomfortable, and i got a back pain (till now its hurting me), the IFE was too similar to Kuwait Airways one, no enough leg room, although i am 1.75m! And the seats are squeezed due that its 3-4-3 Seating Plan, the food wasnt good, only my mom in the whole Airplane liked it, the Flight was even 30min delayed, the EK crew were chstting using the Plane Phone and i called them to get a pillow before takeoff, i got it 20min before landing, i will blame Amman Airport for what happened because the reschedule happened due to change to summer time.

Rate:- AMM-KWI 9.5/10
KWI-DXB 5/10

Airport Rate:- AMM:-9
KWI:- 3 (Airport was old, and little disgusting, the internet didnt even wanted to work, bad Airport)

I used Emirates before to Colombo and i had the exact same comments, come on Emirates! Impress me! Even for a little Improvement!

Do i recommend kuwait airways? Probably.
Do i hate Emirates? Well… i have to be honest, after flying my worst experience with them, i have to say “Probably”, i would rather fly The old A320 with kuwait than a new emirates 777.

Photos to be Soon

(NOTE:- This is my opinion, if you have different please share, but dont be rude!)


I’m surprised you’ve had a bad experience with Emirates. In all the times I’ve flown them, they’ve been great!


Yeah you got unlucky when I flew with them it was a great flight and if you would ever fly on a long haul a380 with them it would be amazing.

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Well @R_Jordanian you are the second person who is praising Kuwait Airways.

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Some photos from Dubai to Kuwait:-


Kuwait Airways seems like a good airline.☺


They are way better than you expect


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