My Flying adventures [Part 2]

Morning, evening all.

read whole post, and if y’all want to see the video of the Spitfire doing a fly by off the tower, pm me

Today we did a few things. Firstly, we cleaned the Pipistrel with some spray and hot water. We lifted the nose up to get to the high bits. So much fun. Secondly, we fixed the aircraft. The ammeter wasn’t charging and so the Voltage was very low. We had to come in on an emergency approach as we were losing avionics quickly!!! We spotted the problem, and I’ll be speaking with Pipistrel tomorrow.

The Pipistrel was based down in London for a month, sitting under a tree- not the best parking spot!

Finally, to end the day, we had a Spitfire come in and buzz the tower and also did a few low approaches over my work. It was so fun and made me remember those who died in the War. It came into land for some fuel and I had some priceless time to speak to the pilot. Very interesting. He ended off the day by departing overhead then came in for a low approach at around 20ft over the runway then did a victory roll. It was mental!!

Hope everybody has a brilliant week. I will be flying on the 30th, maybe earlier with friends. I can’t wait to show you more of my adventures.

Blue skies and tailwinds,

<- here is the inside of the aircraft


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