My Flights Today in my Virtual Airline; EGKK-LGSR | LGSR - EGKK | EGKK-LFPG

During today, I have done 8 hours of flying in EasyJet A320-200, Including 3 routes across majority of Europe, I am excited to share my journey with you…


This route is an amazing route! You get to see the Baltic scenery and the Greek Islands, and it is a nice route to fly. This route usually took around 4 hours, but due to tail winds of 100kts, I got there in 2h51m

Departure out of Gatwick

Over North-Eastern France, where I witnessed major winds, cross wind of 99kts

Passing over Greece, entering the Aegean Sea

Oh hello, Athens! 👋

Approach into Santiago

This approach was very windy… 💨


This route was the opposite, I had 120kt tailwinds, and it took 4 hours and 5 minutes to get back, this route wasn’t that interesting, but I have some photos.

Over Croatia

Approach into Gatwick

Surprisingly, I liked this. I also saw my VA CEO there! He was heading to Nice.


This route wasn’t very interesting, but I will post photos of arrival.

On flare

Parked at the gate after a busy day flying!

I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as I do! :)


@easyJetVirtual 👋

Think you meant Balkans; but great photos and scenery indeed!