My flights don't get Logged in Logbook in your app

Hi, I am facing a small problem. My flights do not get Logged in Logbook. Only from gets logged but the to or (destination ) does not get logged. Could you please help me get a fix for this. I have cleared cache and reinstalled the app. I use an IOS device. This problem has started occurring since a week. I request you to please look into my problem and get me a solution for it. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

I follow this sequence during all my flights

  1. I open the app
  2. I select my Airport and flight
  3. I set my weights and load
  4. I copy mt Flight Plan
    5.I start flight
  5. I fly the flight
  6. I reach the destination and park.
  7. I take screenshot of route I have flown.
  8. I minimize your app and upload image to my Google Drive.
  9. I return to your application.
    11.I click on end flight.
  10. I close the application.

I had this exact problem and I got suspended from my VA for it. This could help me too.


Are you clicking ‘end flight’ and the end of every flight or simply closing/swiping the app away?

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I am clicking end flight. But it still happens

Are you making sure you are adding the destination airport to your flight plan @Rohan_Mehrotra. You too @EICK

Yes I am adding the from and the destination airport. I make my flight flan from

Hey @Luke_King-kong,

As far as I’ve experienced, this isn’t necessary. I may be wrong on this however and the pilot is doing so anyway.

Hey @Rohan_Mehrotra,

Have you experienced any issues with your landing total in tandem with this issue? I’m wondering if the landings aren’t being counted as such (eg. landing on one wheel, just off the runway, or many other causes) and so it mayn’t be counting your aircraft as having arrived anyway.

You can find your landing total by clicking the top-right of the home menu, which shows your initial grade, flights, XP points, and other details. You can also find your landing total by reading your grade table.

Also, you’ve said this has occurred only in the last week or so. Has anything changed about the way your flights have been going? Or, is this, in your mind, a truly random issue?


I do the same as @Rohan_Mehrotra

The landings are reflecting in my xp and total flights and landings.I try my best to land as smooth as possible. The issue is happening only from the past week. All flights I take are going normally as per schedule .

Yes my flights are overnight. After taking my screenshot to drive it goes of the live server and reconnects again. I end flight only after its connected to the live server


May I suggest not moving the screenshots to your drive during the flight and waiting to do this when you have landed and parked. It is possible you are disconnecting from the flight and not realising so.

If possible, could you try not handling your screenshot management immediately at your next flight, to test this? It doesn’t need to be a long flight (I see the issue has occurred during flights as short as one-hour). If, then, you could get back to us, that would be great!


Yes sure wills try this and update you shortly. I am on a medium haul flight currently and will be landing by 18:30 Zulu. Thanks for your help and support it helped me a lot, Have a great day ahead.


Oh, okay. If I don’t do that I get a blank log book :)

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My problem got solved. Thank You. :)

Great to hear, glad I could help!

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