My FlightRadar 24

Recently, I stumbled upon this:

It allows you to enter all your flights into a log book and shows you the information in a cool infographie.

This is mine (still missing flights):

Which can be found at

Post yours in the comments below. I’m interested to see other peoples. Also, I’ll make a form to submit soon so it will become a nice spreadsheet.

I can also see this become a log book for infinite flight flights so if you want post them below too.

What will you use it for?

  • Real World Aviation
  • Infinite Flight
  • Another Flight Simulator
  • Something else
  • I won’t use it

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I didn’t know what category and i felt like this is the closest. Right? Feel free to move it if deemed necessary


I’ll take a look at it.

At the moment, I’m using myflightmemory for my realworld flights.

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21.1 tonnes of CO2!!! i reading that right…if I am you are an environmental hazard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

I would love to, but I’m too lazy to add all 6 years worth of flights (i dont have records of flights prior 2012)


Yep, same here

All of my IF flights:image


But I believe it’s divided amongst the entire plane

Took me 2 hours, but I managed to transfer all my reallife lights from myflightmemory to myFlightradar24. That’s an amazing tool. Thanks for the idea!

I too switched from Flightmemory awhile ago when I found this site. It just has a better layout and more features. Unfortunately I am missing an old trip logbook from the mid-90s which means I’m missing about 100 flights or so.


wow. you fly A LOT. like a lot. im suprised and kinda proud if you know what i mean

i think you could have downloaded the csv and then upload it. it would have saved you a lot of time

That’s possible? Wow, I didn’t know that.

Yeah, I had nothing to do anyway so at least I wasn’t bored during those 2 hours. Always look on the bright side of life or something like that.

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That’s a nice statistic you have here. Interesting flights as well. I’m getting a little jealous looking at those destinations. But hey, I’m only 20 years old. I’ve got some time.

You should’ve taken the train from Zurich to Geneva though. You missed a beautiful landscape :P

That would be from the aircraft, so split amounts tall the passengers, I wouldn’t say he is more of an environmental hazard than the rest of us, but that is still a crazy statistic!

How have you actually been everywhere!
But I see a dot only on your map that I don’t see on any other map!

I’m old, that’s how. ;-)

I also worked for an airline for 13 years and had flight bennies when having flight bennies were worth it. I used to go somewhere any chance I got to try and collect “new” aircraft flown on. Below is one page which shows how I flew around collecting types.

Also, what “dot” are you talking about?


It looks like there is a Pittsburgh dot, but it is hard to tell, there are so many lines that make it hard to see the ground…!🤣

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Currently putting my IF flights in (over 15 mins and have a different arrival and departure airports).

EDIT: 2hrs later and still at it.


Here is the map of my real world flights (several have been done multiple times)


I wish I could do it for Infinite Flight, but it would take forever to record over 500 flights.


I like, this map too🙃 @PlaneCrazy I approve of your travel plans…🤣

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