My flight

I recently done a IKA-VKO flight (that you’ll probably heard of because I posted it many times) and I thought to share a photo with you guys
Can you guess my aircraft
BTW I said it was an A346 previously but as the flight was a charter flight, they switched it to an smaller plane.


And I am flying over somewhere named “Krasnozorenskiy rayon” in Russia

Looks like either an A321 or A320.

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Nope. Mahan has retired the A320 but close guess.

A310? The things on the back look misplaced for the a320 family

A320 eldeilweis? I’m sorry for misspelling the name if the airline

Or is it Aeroflot a320?

He has already confirmed that it’s Mahan, not Edelweiss.

How… How did you guess?

Well it has those split winglets, and if it’s not the A320, and it’s certainly not the A380, it would have to be the A310. Process of elimination.

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I shall use that trick on quizes!

A321 or less

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