My flight

Hey guys.
I wanted to do some ryanair flight to barcelona but i don’t know from which airport to depart.


  • London Stansted STN
  • Dublin DUB
  • Cork ORK

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  • Barcelona Intl. Airport
  • Barcelona Girona Airport

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no stop making fun of ryanair

haha very funny. looks like everyone cares about ryanair making a hard landing but not the emirates a380 in dusseldorf. i didnt make this topic so that people make fun of it.

Its that ryanair has a reputation for bad landings, you can’t not have seen this coming when you made the thread, but do enjoy your flight!

But it’s true,don’t fly Ryanair fly a better LCC. Like easyJet

I’ve seriosuly had enough of this crap. Almost nobody here supports ryanair, including that Michael O Leary might quit his job and that ryanair is striking.

Also keep in mind. Ryanair uses 737s and easyjet only a320s. The a320 is alot easier to land than the 737.

I didn’t mean to make fun,I’m just stating what’s true. No offense.

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Just because it is true doesn’t mean you make fun of it. Sometimes you have to face the truth.

It depends which airports are closer to you and your wanted final destination.

Classic Ryanair hard landing that take your eyes and throw them outta your skull.

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Nope, nobody is going to continue this. I’m flagging this for moderation to close it so people can stop. This is not funny.

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People can say what they wish, I’m just throwing it out there

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(i applied for ekv again)

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