My flight training progress thread

Today’s lesson(6th hour) was power ON stalls. Went up to 4,500ft and did our thing. Had fun but it’s a feeling to get used to when the nose drops…
Here’s some pics after we got back to the hangar.


Just remember, -you can stall at every speed ;)
Have fun and safe landings


And remember, stalls are always a good excuse to experiment with G-forces!

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It’s always fun to see your car keys floating in the back seat.


You should consider making a thread just for your flight training. It would be a great place to post these updates and keep track of your progress, versus making a new thread for every lesson.

Stalls are not my favorite, but they’re a critical skill to learn. Glad you’ve started working on these!


Good idea! From this hour on I’ll start a thread from there. Thanks!

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So what’s easier?

Power on or power off stalls?

For me power on since all you have to do is lower the nose and not treat it like slow flight.


I’d agree with you. Power on stalls are easier to execute than power off.


Completely agree. I won’t do one unless I have too. I’m the straight and level type of pilot

Why’s that if yea don’t mind me asking?

I don’t like the stomach drop feeling. I’ve become more used to it, but never have completely cared for it. Still don’t like roller coasters haha.
That being said, I practice the crap out of stalls, because I know I hate them. Since it’s such a critical skill to learn, its one I’ve decided I should be extra sharp on


Also the fear of spins. I haven’t done any yet so that’s something I’ve yet to be exposed to.


Woah what?! Well don’t come fly helicopters with me if we have an engine failure we’re going be dropping at 1,500ft a min lol
When I did my private in fixed wing I enjoyed stalls, easy recover as long as you didn’t mess up lol


It’s a love hate relationship with me haha.

I would suck it up for an Alaskan Helo ride!


Oh ho oh! Come to Washington in April and come on my cooler toy ;)


I’m just waiting for the day when I mess up a stall recovery and suffer a wing-flip haha…

One of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever done. Best roller coaster ride in the world.

Stalls are super fun. As long as you know where the limit is you can enjoy them.

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Exactly! If you know the aircraft, they’re great fun as you can chuck it about. Could even have some good fun with passengers 😂

used to be scared of that too, but now it’s way better.