My Flight Training Advice to the Younger Pilots

Hello IFC, Ive noticed an that we have ALOT of younger student pilots who are starting there PPL journey which is great. Im here to give some of my tips and tricks that I learned through my flight training.

Start Early and Fly Often
The earlier you start the better. I started when i was a sophomore in high school at the age of 16. I flew every 2 weeks which made my training really slow. I started in the middle of winter and so with flying every 2 weeks and the weather where i live made it a slow learning curve. Flying often when you start flight training means you stay current in your skills and you retain the information your flight instructor passes to you. Be prepared for your flight lessons. De-brief with your flight instructor after every flight and ask them what you need to cover for your next lesson.

Flight School and Flying
Choose a flight school that has a good reputation and a descent fleet of airplanes. They dont have to be new or a glass panel but the planes should be in good working order with proper maintnence, When choosing an airplane, fly an airplane that fits you the best. whether it be a cessna 152,172 or a piper cherokee, these are the primary trainers. If your school has both, I say try both them out and see what you like best, BUT do not go between airplanes when training,

Fill free to post comments and our ideas. Ill be updating this thread later this week


Hey, this is a super informative post that I find helpful for myself and for other student pilots.

My flight school has the largest fleet in Los Angeles for flight schools with over 15 airplanes.

2 Cirrus SR-20’s
2 Cessna 162’s
3 Diamond DA-20’s
8 Piper PA28’s
3 Twin engine turbo-prop

I’ve been flying the PA28 for the past 4 months, but this past weekend tried the Cessna 162 Skycatcher, I’m aware that it’s not a very common plane nor does it have the best track record but boy can that thing fly.

In case anyone who’s reading this is wondering: I’m 15 years old and I’m a freshman in High School. Turns out the younger you are, the more info you retain.


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