My flight today

I’ll fly to Fuerteventura tomorrow!
| Düsseldorf - Fuerteventura |

Airline: Germania
Aircraft: Airbus A321 [probably]
Flight time: about 4 hours
Flight Number: ST 1643
Departure: 10:35 AM
I’ll post all my pictures here!


Please post it in here :-)


Yayyyyyyyyyyy convert time to Zulu so that I might have a chance to track you on FR24

But I wanna post my pictures here.

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You can still post your pictures there or create a post about the pictures you took. It would go in the spotting category.

There are many other Topics that aren’t closed

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If people want to make their own topics about their flights I can’t see a problem, in fact I think individual topics are better. @anon31652286
Enjoy your flight @InfiniteFlightPlays

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ZULU? Or Duesseldorf Time

Zulu Time, Düsseldorf Time is 12:35

Leaving the house in 30 minutes !

Cool flight route and I really like the A321…

4 hours in a A321? I dont think so…

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I more so meant that the aircraft was cool and that the destinations were cool

I don kno what you’re saying kid…

Or the B737… google the fleet of Germania

Leaving the Hotel in a few minutes, flying back to Düsseldorf

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Have a safe flight

I’m back in Düsseldorf I’ll post my pictures later

Etihad B787-9 at Düsseldorf
Cathay Pacific B777-300ER at Düsseldorf
Tuifly special livery at Düsseldorf
My flight to Fuerteventura, Germania A321
Cruising at 34,000ft over France
image On final at Düsseldorf

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