My Flight Today

First Online Flight

Dep. LTBJ Rwy34R (SID BERG1E Rwy34R)
Arr. LTFM Rwy17L (STAR INBE1B Rwy17L)


To be continue…


Awesome, nice to see someone new following real world procedures. Good job buddy!! You already act like a pro!
Happy Flying

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Wow! Beautiful pictures and I love the way you apply real life procedures. A350 in Turkish Airlines livery is a beauty!

İyi uçuşlar :)


Hi there love the shots! Be sure to follow the guidelines of this category to not have any HUD views. :)

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Reopened after adjustments made.

Wow welcome to the community. It’s amazing to see someone already act like a pro as grade 1. I can’t wait to see you around the community. If you would like I can attach some helpful community links

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Thank you very much, Mr. Sebastian, for his help and interest.

You can watch the photos of all my other flights under the title here.

I wish everyone good flights …

heyy i like the first one
thats a good cockpit view

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I flew in IVAO for many years…
If I want to pilot in a virtual airline, this of course Turkish Airlines
But for now, I’d rather fly only.
Thank you for your interest
And of course I’d like to see useful links

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Thank you for all the information
I’ll take it all into consideration.
I’m planning a flight now and will soon continue to share photos
Stay tuned

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My flight today…

Dep. Rwy34R
Arr. Rwy11


Flight Plan

Final Approach Rwy11 (ILS full est.)

To be continue…

Great photos! I should fly that route someday! :D

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I advise
The Black Sea coast is very beautiful

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Closed and unlisted at the request of the OP