My Flight To MJV - Murcia - Spain

Today I flew to Murcia from Manchester and here are some AMAZING pictures if I do say so myself of the flight.

Hope you like them, they where all taken on my IPhone 8 Plus. Sorry if they the pictures are a bit in the wrong order, tried my best. Also if you would like to use any of these pictures let me know as I would like to know what use you might use them for.


Here are a couple more from climb.


How’s the landing? Did it meet Ryanair standards?


@BobbyRobert I was gonna say that,

But anyways there are some great photos in this thread, especially the one at sunset. 😍


What do you mean by ryanair standarts?

Ps:i’m not european so i have no idea…

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Neither am I, but Ryanair is notorious for hard landings. I haven’t experienced it personally.

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@BobbyRobert, @david_hartono_S, @Gonzous, Well, if you don’t know Ryanair is just a bigger and more popular Spirit, which is a bit better than Spirit.

The landing was a bit meh, he cut the engines about 10ft off so the plane started to slow and sort off slammed into the ground after gliding for a bit. Not the finest I have seen to be honest 😂. Then followed by very hard braking! He used up the whole runway too, but I made it so it couldn’t have been that bad 😂.

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I wonder if it’s required for Ryanair pilots to slam the plane into the runway because you get what you paid for lol.

Lovely wing view pics btw.


Well the flight wasn’t exactly cheap, but I put the hard landing to younger pilots that are just starting out their career as pilots.

Ok, I can’t be the only one who thought that you were flying to America because of ‘murica.

I got confused when I saw the Ryanair 737 though. Enjoy your time in Spain


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