My flight to Key West

Hello everyone!
As some of you may know I just turned 20 on the 17th of May, so I’m getting to the point in my life where traveling by air is becoming much more common, whether it’s for college, vacation, or other leisure related activities.
A few weeks ago I took a flight from New York LaGuardia airport down to Key West Airport on my birthday…What better way to spend my birthday than on a plane?
I arrived at LaGuardia at about noon for my 2:30 flight down to Key West. After checking my bag I passed through security which was very quick, lasting all but 10 minutes or so. After another short 5 minute walk through the brand new terminal, I arrived at my gate, D95. The new terminal is very clean and bright compared to the older one.

After about two hours of listening to music and LiveATC, it was time to board.
Here’s a picture looking over the wing of the Embraer 175LR taking me on the three hour flight. There were only SEVEN people on this flight, which was very surprising, although this made for a very fast boarding process.

We’ve now been begun our taxi to runway 13 for departure, passing the famous welcome to New York sign:

In this photo, we’ve now departed and have started our immediate right turn to avoid JFK’s airspace. Turning southbound over Coney Island and Sea Gate. You can see the Verrazzano Bridge in the background, and even Newark for those of you with especially good eyes 👀

We’ve now begun our approach after a relatively smooth 3 hour flight. Here we are passing over Key West High School. Peep that brand new turf field. 😍

Finally, after decelerating, it’s time to pull into the ramp, which is full of aircraft.

Since Allegiant and JetBlue have recently added service to five cities, the ramp is becoming very cramped, though the city has plans to build an actual airport terminal and get rid of the classic ‘open air ramp’ that they have now.

Hopefully you enjoyed my brief collection of photos…I never take many pics since I’m always looking out the window, like a true aviation nerd 😅


Awesome pics

Was the inside of the terminal more crowded than usual? I’ve heard there’s been bad congestion issues lately with all the new flights and limited ramp space. And American upgauging all five Charlotte flights from E175s to A319s probably isn’t helping at all.

It was empty but only because I landed during a lull in arrivals and departures.

And no, this definitely isn’t helping at all 😂
Waiting for a place to park is becoming the norm now

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